domingo, 18 de febrero de 2018

Luisa Schmid

Last week with our new friends from Croatia, Turkey, Portugal and Estonia was a great experience. During these days, we learnt a lot about other and different cultures, made new friends and also heard interesting things we didn’t know about our island.

On Sunday when we had to receive our host, I was really nervous because I didn´t know what was expecting me the  following week: if I would like the people, if they would like me... but in the end there was no reason to be nervous. 

All the week we did a full programm, we went to all the famous places from Tenerife, we visited La Laguna, the Teide National Park, El Medano, the Siam Park, we did sightseeing... We also visited a special hotel adapted for handicaped people, we did interesting workshop at school... In our free time, on Tueday we went all together to the beach and played volleyball, talked, learnt things about them and grew together.

This week has been a new experience for me and I’m glad to be part of this project. I met new people from other countries, I also had the opportunity to meet and know better the people with whom I go to school and share a classroom.

At the last day, we went to the Siam Park and I think this activity was the one in which we grew together most, we overcame together some attractions, talked and laughed a lot and had an awesome time.
I was really surprised to see how hard it could be to say goodbye to people that you only knew for some days, how much a group can grow together in five days and how much you can miss them.

I’m really looking forward to see some people again when I travel in May and I hope I will have the same great experience that we had last week.

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