domingo, 11 de febrero de 2018

Liying Chen Chen

      When I fisrt heard about Erasmus+ Project , without thinking it twice, I inmmediatly said yes. And when I got the message that I was in, I was very happy, beacuse I know not everyone had the chance, so I felt so lucky. The aim of this project is to show people about the tourism in the places where we live, but beyond that, I had the opportunity of meeting new people, learning about their cultures, sharing our ideas and likes and getting new experience all together.

     I have been living with other family, and it wasn't the fist time my family hosted someone, but receiving Gamze was different than the time before. I didn´t get to know her really deeply bacause the communication was a little bit hard, but she is a really nice girl.

     I couldn't meet them all, but I talked with many of the student and teachers, and I realized that steoreotypes are just stereotypes. Of course, each country is different from the others, but despite that, it doesn't matter where you come from, there will always be differences and similarities.

     The planning of the week was great, the activities were informatives but also funny and interesting. I visited places where I have never been in these 16 years  of my life, and some of them which I had no idea they exist. We had a lot of fun spending the day in Siam Park, La Laguna, at the beach and eating pizza and ice cream most of the days!

     The moment of the farewell, was really emotional and sad, it kinda look like a funeral. There were tears everywhere and lack of saying goodbye and go home. It was incredible the way I became fond of some of them in just some days.

     I would like to visit both Estonia and Portugal, and also Croatia and Turkey, but unfortunately, I can only have one option. All are amazing countries with amazing people, and wherever I go, I will be so exciting of going there and living an unforgettable experience.   Portugal is a really a good choice for me. It is a beautiful place and see all those people again will bring me the good memories and feeling of the week in Tenerife.

     Thanks to Sandra, the coordinator of this project, all the teachers, families and students, because without them, this would not be possible. I would definitely recommend this project to everyone, but especially for those who love travel and know how to appreciate little things. If I have the chance to do it over and over again, I would do it for sure!!

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