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II Transnational Meeting, I Students' exchange (Tenerife,SPAIN) - ROUTE DOCS

My land, your home. Welcome to my country.

From 21st to 26th January we have celebrated the II Transnational Meeting and the I Student's exchange in Tenerife. It's been a week full of activities and fun where teachers, students and families have worked all together in an environment of friendship and kindness.

Sunday 21st January 2018

Arrival day of delegations that are welcomed at the airport by families and teachers.

17 students from Turkey, Portugal, Estonia and Croatia will stay with 16 local students.

Monday 22nd January 2018

The week begins with a welcome ceremony at the school. Our Headmaster, Rafael Luis, together with the Inspector of Education, Carmelo Expósito, the Education Town Council, Leopoldo Díaz and our Deputy Headmistress, María Antuña receive the delegations at school and send their best wishes to all during the week. Our college, Alejandro Díaz, teacher of the English Department is our official interpreter.

After a family photo at the stairs guest students and teachers take a tour around the school guided by local students.

During our tour, some students improvise a song for us in the Music class.

Before the break, guest students and teachers attend a lesson on 'Spanish to survive'. Special thanks to Laura López and Cristina Cores, who performed this lesson with such professionalism.

Tourism for all

During the second part of the morning, we walk to Hotel Mar y Sol, the only hotel in Europe that provides care, hospitality and therapy to disabled people. There, we are received by Hotel Manager, Renate Kraus, Ina and Thomas Fischer, as well as their father and founder of the Hotel, Mr. Hans-Joachim Fischer. Our love and thankfulness to all of them for their refined behaviour and kindness.


Sport Tourism

In the afternoon, we travel to El Médano, a near town in the south coast of the island well known all over the world by the practicing of kite surf and wind surf. 

Tuesday 23rd January 2018

We spend Tuesday at school. First thing we do is complete our countries presentations:

Afterwards we choose our logo: each school celebrated the logo competition during December 2017 and bring two logos. Between the ten logos presented, three teachers and four students per country voted to select the logo that will represent our project from now on. Thank you to Javier Reyes, Julia Martín and Mario Cruz for participating in the selection and organization of logo competition in Spain.

And the winner is...

Later, we presented the posters and video footage of Istanbul. Great job of students and teachers from the five countries!

Just before the break, job shadowing for teachers. Some Students attended an English lesson with Alejandro Díaz, some others went to the Chemistry Lab, with Félix Rodríguez...

And some others went to Music and Arts class with Mercedes Martínez and Álvaro Cedrés.

Some of the students' performances for us during the Music lesson:

During the break, our SEN students invited us to have breakfast with them. Thank you to all of them and their teachers, who are always eager to participate.

Finally, Estonian students will give a lecture on Video Editing and Photography. Well done, guys!

Wednesday 24th January 2018

Sport Tourism / Nature Tourism

Teide National Park is our next destination. Although the weather forecast announces a temperature of 8º, a spectacular clear and sunny day will accompany us all the way.

Two guides from Volcano Teide: Darío and Ancor, will lead us all over the National Park, providing all the information required to expend a wonderful time among volcanos and nature. Thanks guys, it's been a pleasure! Here some words from Darío:

Compulsory stops when visiting El Teide National Park are El Portillo Visitor's Centre, Izaña Observatory and some Panoramic Views:

Thursday 25th January 2018

We begin with II Transnational Meeting. 

City Tourism 

After the break we take bus to La Laguna, World Heritage city in the north of the island where we are received by the Tourism Town Councilwoman, Mrs. María José Castañeda. 

Thank you very much to Mercedes García, our German teacher for organising the visit and guided tour.

Gastronomical Tourism

In the afternoon, we visit Tajinaste Winery in La Orotava valley.

Thank you very much to Rosi García Farráis and her family for receiving us and letting us wander around the vineyard as well as tasting some of their best wines (teachers only ;)

Thank you also to Diego Sánchez and Félix Rodríguez for joining us today.

Rosi's mother with Karin and Elle, from Estonia.

Friday 26th January 2018

Gastronomical and Agricultural Tourism
The day begins with a visit to Aloe Park, in Arona. Thank you to Esther Hernández and Pilar González for joining us today.

In Aloe Park they explained how to grow two of the most important agricultural products in the Canary Islands: aloe and bananas.

After lunch, we all enjoy our last day in one of the best waterparks of the world: Siam Park

In the afternoon, host families, teachers and students gather to celebrate the end of a fantastic week.
Special thanks to all of them for sharing with us this wonderful experience. And a big hug to all the teachers and staff of IES Los Cristianos who have worked so hard during the previous months to make this dream come true: Javier Reyes, Diego Sánchez, Mercedes García, Félix Rodríguez.

Thank you to María Antuña for working so hard for this project and to Esmeralda Hernández for her music and kindness.

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  1. ¡¡¡Maravilloso trabajo!!!

    Como padres de una alumna participante en el proyecto, estamos muy felices de ver sus logros y muy agradecidos a todo el profesorado implicado en dicho proyecto. Gracias por todo su trabajo e ilusión. Son los mejores.

  2. Felicidades a ese grupo de profesores que hacen posible que estos proyectos tengan resultados tan increíbles.