viernes, 16 de febrero de 2018

Claudia Pérez

Dear Erasmus + committee,

   Last week was an amazing and unforgettable week from the first day to de last one.
I met a lot of people and I made a lot of friends too.

   The first day in the project I was a little bit nervous. I went with my parents to the airport to pick my girl up.
When she was already with us, we went back home. The girl was nervous too. That day we didn’t do anything special because she was very tired. We only went to a restaurant to have lunch with my family and then, in the afternoon, we went to Los Cristianos to meet with my friends and hers.
   That night we went to sleep so early because she was very tired and me too.

   The following days we went to different places from Tenerife like El Médano, La Laguna, Vilaflor...
Sometimes we went by foot, but mostly by bus. Some places were more interesting than others. My favorite one was La Orotava. I never have been there. The weather is cold and wet and the ground is very green.

   The last day was funny but a little bit sad too because they started going back home. That day there was a party in the high school. After that party, we went to the beach and we spent all night there, having fun.

   My girl was a bit shy and very friendly. The first days we both were shy to each other, but along the week we started being less shy. The bad thing is that we couldn’t communicate at all because she didn’t understand me, but it was funny because we spoke with signs. She was a good girl, very polite.

   And finally, I want to say thank you to Erasmus + committee for choosing me for this project and have the opportunity of meeting people from different countries and cultures and thank you to Sandra, for make the project happen.

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